The Humphreys


We have had the awesome experience of God leading us to become members and serve with OSIF. Back in March 2012, we had the pleasure of meeting Dave and Ellen Bartlett at our church’s Missions Conference. We enjoyed getting to know them and as we began to spend more time with the Bartlett’s and hear more of their story and where God was sending them, we knew God wanted us to play a part in their ministry. God used our relationship with the Bartlett’s to show us what obedient servanthood looked like and to challenge us to trust Him more with our lives and resources. It was at the time Dave and Ellen were getting ready to depart for Ghana that we met the Bartlett’s and Troy and Casie Haight out for dinner one night that would change our lives forever. The Bartlett’s were going to serve with the Mission Society and be OSIF’s in-country missionaries. Over dinner the Haight’s shared their testimony of how they came to serve God together and how OSIF fit into that plan. At the end of dinner, the Haight’s asked Kevin to pray and seek guidance on their invitation to serve on the board of OSIF. Kevin knew after hearing the story of OSIF and praying over the next few days that this was a culmination of God’s preparing his heart and mind for the opportunity to serve with OSIF.

In the next few months, after Kevin starting serving with OSIF, I also felt called to serve as member of OSIF, and was added to the team. We both feel a sense of compassion and responsibility to share God’s love and resources with the people and children of Ghana. Perhaps most amazing to us is the sense of love God has inspired in us for people living on the other side of the world, which we have not yet met in person, but feel we already know so well.
The images to the left are of our sweet, dear GN.  These were taken before his rescue, days after his brain surgery for Hydrocephaly, and the months that have followed.  His little life and story has been our first involvement with OSIF, and more importantly God has used his life to stir passion for this stage in our journey, with OSIF.
Blessings...Kevin & DiDi