GN displayed developmental issues, resulting in a meeting with the local Soothsayer (witch doctor) who diagnosed GN as a “spirit child”.  “Spirit child”  means the child is no longer referred to  or treated as a human, but rather an evil spirit who has the intension of hurting others.  The common recommendation is for the child to be “done away with” (killed).  GN’s parents abandoned him.  In Feb 2013, we took a team to Bolgatanga when thru divine connections, along with a local friend, we were able to help 18 mo old GN with his rescue and support.  At the time of the rescue, GN was dehydrated, malnourished and had malaria, in addition to obvious physical issues with his neck.  GN was our 1st rescued child.  Since his rescue, he has been diagnosed with Hydrocephaly and had brain surgery in June  2013.  Today, GN lives with a caregiver in Kumasi and is finally healthy. 
Our team is touched with each of his beautiful smiles!  However, he still has many many developmental issues, there is a long medical road ahead of him.  Despite his final physical outcome, GN’s life has value & purpose.