BABY Y and Brother A
Baby Y displayed developmental issues, resulting in a consultation with the local Soothsayer (witch doctor) who
diagnosed Baby Y as a “spirit child”.  “Spirit child”  means the child is no longer referred to  or treated as a
human, but rather an evil spirit who has the intention of hurting those around.  The common recommendation is for the child to be “done away with” (killed).  In  Baby Y’s case, his mother Jolia did not want him to die.  Mom stood up for her child, losing her husband and family support in the process. Although there is not a cure for Baby Y’s condition, he is absolutely a beautiful, precious creation of God.  His brother, discarded by the father during this situation, is also amazing.  He is a sweet, hardworking boy.  Brother A, was recently diagnosed
with Chronic Hep B.  We are seeking options for his treatment. The options currently being discussed are quite costly, and so we will be seeking medical sponsors to help provide Ahmed with an chance at a healthy future.  Because of his medical condition, the doctors have recommended he no longer travel so far (by bicycle) back/forth to school.  This is placing extreme strain on his liver, and so we are in the process of raising support for his education to transfer him to a local private school which provides bus service.  He will be starting JSS1 in this next school year (equivalent of 7th grade).