Two children, Sarah and Jerry, lost their mother to AIDS.  Jerry was just an infant, when it was discovered he was HIV+.  His father was in denial about his contribution or impact from his wife's illness.  Because of this, he also denied Jerry was his biological child, and discarded him.  Thankfully, a national evangelist couple (David & Ursela) became aware of this young boy's fate and immediately stepped up to bring him into their home and begin supporting his needs as their own.  Jerry is doing amazingly well, remaining quite active and healthy.  

In January 2015, David & Ursela received word Sarah wasn't feeling well and needed to be tested for HIV as well.  In a continued effort to help the family, Ursela organized time to have Sarah checked.  By God's grace and blessing, Sarah is negative.  However, her father had long since abandoned her, leaving her to relatives in the village.  Because life is so difficult, because there is never plenty for the family when it comes to food and resources, because the family she was left with didn't want her - David & Ursela were left with a difficult decision.  Loving a child, giving a child the opportunity to know for certain they are loved and wanted by God, providing a safe haven are all things they desired to give Sarah.  However, they too were struggling to provide for their own family, even before they took in Jerry.  Taking on Sarah was proving to be a difficult, heart wrenching decision that only God could provide the answer.  So, they went to the Father - prayed and left the burden at his feet.

In the meantime, following the prompting of the Spirit, Dave & Ellen contacted us to see if this at-risk child could be brought into the One Step In Faith family.  If One Step In Faith was able to provide the monthly support for Sarah, she would have the opportunity to be raised in a traditional Christian home with loving parents and family, receive an education, and grow up with her brother Jerry.  The board met, prayed, and unanimously voted to bring Sarah into the program.  Although we do not yet have a sponsor for Sarah's expenses, we are trusting God will cover her needs each month.