Born and raised in Aninkroma, Ghana (near Kumasi), 13 year-old Isaac lives with his mom, and siblings.  He has
one brother in high school, one in junior high school, and a four year-old sister.  Isaac’s father passed away when he was very young.  He and his brothers had been working hard to help provide for their family and their education.  When we visited Aninkroma for first time, he was earning his tuition money for elementary school by traveling to the market on weekends & holidays to sell local food his mother prepared, barefoot.  He was a sweet boy who stayed by our side every day we were working in his village.  He instantly caught our eye as a light in his community.  In 2012/2013 school year, Isaac finished the year ranked #1 in his class.  We are very proud of all his hard work and were very excited to be able to transfer him out of the village school and he is doing AMAZING!  Isaac dreams of being a doctor, and so he knew he would require a higher level of education, which his new private school (where he and Ama attend together) is just the place.  He is finishing up JSS1 (equivalent of 7th grade).