Born and raised in Aninkroma, Ghana (near Kumasi), 13 year-old Ama  lives with her mom, and siblings.  Ama's parents divorced when she was very young.  Her mother remarried, having two girls and a boy (ages ranging four to ten years old).  Each day after school, Ama returns home to help take care of her siblings, cook, and clean.  Ama is very shy.  However, if you spend enough time around her, you will find she is extremely funny & comical.  She has quite the sense of humor and we have really enjoyed all she has taught us and shared with us over the years.  In 2012/2013 school year, Ama, despite all of her responsibilities, finished the school year ranked #3 in her class.  We are very proud of all her hard work and were very excited to be able to transfer her out of the village school and into a private boarding school inside Kumasi city limits.  She absolutely LOVES her new school and is thriving  as she builds new relationships, learns more and more each day, growing into such an amazing young lady.  She is finishing up JSS1 (equivalent of 7th grade).  Ama dreams of being either a nurse or a teacher when she grows up.