Baby J displayed obvious physical anomalies, resulting in the head of the community initiating a consultation with the local Soothsayer (witch doctor) who  diagnosed Baby J as a “spirit child”.  “Spirit child”  means the
child is no longer referred to  or treated as a human, but rather an evil spirit who has the intension of hurting others.  The common recommendation is for the child to be “done away with” (killed).  In  Baby J’s case, his parents Cletus and Gloria, did not want him to die.  Mom & Dad stood up for their child fleeing from their home, giving up everything in the process. Today, Baby J, along with his parents are staying in an OSIF safe house as Dad begins to build a new life for their family.  Baby J has two clubbed feet and what is considered to be a common associative deformity of the hands, for those born with clubbed feet.  His parents were from an area not far from our missionaries in Bolgatanga.  Word of GN & Baby Y had reached their area and they traveled, risking everything for the life of their child.