Our Kids
Today we have 7 children.  However, there are many more children and families in need of rescue, rehabilitation, and restoration help and support.


BABY Y & Brother A:




About Ghana
Ghana is located in West Africa, between Cote D’Ivoire and Togo, underneath Burkina Faso.  In 1957, Ghana became the first sub-Saharan African country to gain independence.  The country is broken into ten regions, with capitals located in each region.  The Ghana people majority are some of the friendliest you will ever meet, joyful and love to engage and welcome visitors.

Upper East Ghana & Spirit Children
Despite the presence of Islam and Christianity (over 78% of population is claimed to be Christian), traditional religions – indigenous beliefs – have retained their influence because of the relation to family loyalties and local customs. In the northern part of the country, Upper East Region in the area, in and around Bolgatanga is one of many areas still practicing these traditional beliefs.  Extreme poverty, lack of education, and decades of tradition have molded what is believed to be by these people groups a just solution for dealing with family problems, sickness, and various issues within the community – the solution - spirit children.  Children deemed as “spirit children” by the local witch doctor are being killed, as they carry the blame for life’s misfortunes within the family or community.  Every year an unknown number of children are killed, being poisoned, buried alive, starved, or worse.  In January, 2013, a local journalist went undercover to expose this issue and uncover the horrific and shocking murderous acts.  Since the documentary aired in January, witch doctors (soothsayers & concoction men) have for the first time in Ghanaian history, are now being taken into police custody.  Despite this positive movement, there are still many tribes and villages practicing these traditions.  There are still many children labeled as “spirit children”, carrying the wrath, danger, and demise that go along with the title.

Lake Volta & Trafficking
Located in the Volta Region, Lake Volta is a man-made lake created in the early 1960s when the Akosombo Dam was built on the Volta River.  Lake Volta, the largest artificial lake in the world by surface provides hydroelectricity to much of the country, as well as exporting, fishing, and tourism.  However, in addition to these benefits, due to the fishing industry and decades of tradition, Lake Volta is also home to over 7,000 enslaved children.