Greeting me is Bismark Yeboah, a quietly assertive and authoritative Ghanaian man with a kind, generous, and compassionate heart of God with whom One Step In Faith has cultivated a lasting relationship.  I met him when traveling to Ghana last February 2013, on a short term mission trip through Riverstone Church.  An almost instant “Mommy-Son” relationship developed which continues to grow.  As treasurer for OSIF, I was also required to make at least one trip to Ghana to see where the rescue of children is taking place.  But wait, God had a plan for me too!  He used the mission trip and the beautiful Ghanaian children and families that I met to begin a work in my own heart --- resulting in a call to move to Ghana and serve Him there, which I plan to do in July 2014!  God changed my “one trip” to my future home!! Bismark Yeboah has also gifted OSIF with land on which to build a care center, Violet’s Haven of Hope where I will reside and work as In-County Director with the children.  I don’t know or understand why God would choose me, but I am truly blessed (and amazed) by His call on my life.  I consider it a privilege and honor to serve our great God and to see His name glorified in Ghana, West Africa, and hope restored to rescued children.
Ellie Williams (aka Meme)