is the heart of One Step In Faith - 
connecting people with people in the name Jesus Christ.

In 2010, Troy and Casie Haight along with Dave and Ellen Bartlett traveled to work in two villages outside of Kumasi, Ghana West Africa:  Barekuma & Aninkroma.  It was there they instantly fell in love with the people, and felt the pull on their hearts for the children.  Due to extreme poverty, some families were struggling to provide the basic needs of the family, let alone have enough money to pay government school expenses for their children.  During their time in Aninkroma, the Haights and Bartletts met two extraordinary children, Isaac and Ama.  The two children from different families in Aninkroma, were 10 years old and in the same grade, ranked #1 and #2 in their class.  Despite the fact they were not related, the village referred to them as twins.  And, it was clear they both loved to learn.  However, their families were struggling to provide.  The only clothing Isaac owned was his school uniform, a jacket, a shirt and pair of pants (about 2 sizes too short).  He had to squeeze his feet into the only pair of shoes he had, and because they were becoming tattered he only wore them to school.  Their school notebooks for assignments and notes were reused each year, by erasing the previous year's work.  Isaac would travel into the city (barefoot) and sell items in order to help make enough money for his school expenses.  He was only 10 years old!  Knowing they couldn’t help them all, Troy, Casie, Dave and Ellen started with these two amazing children.  In the beginning, they just wanted to help these two children have an opportunity to receive an education, and have the basic necessities.  Since 2010, The Haights and Bartletts have returned each year to pour love and hope into the lives of the Aninkroma community, while continuing to support Isaac and Ama. 

Today, the focus of One Step In Faith is still the same as it was for Troy and Casie in 2010; we want to provide an opportunity for children in Ghana.  We want to invite you all to join us in taking one step in faith towards making a difference in a child’s life.  Our program is not a traditional sponsorship program that matches you directly with one particular child. We want to connect our friends in the US with all of these sweet children we serve, because they are all unique and have a special story to share. 

As a One Step In Faith sponsor, your gift will help provide:  
Opportunity for a spirit child to have life.
Opportunity for a trafficked child to have freedom.
Opportunity for at-risk child to have opportunity.

As a sponsor you receive:
              · Photo, bio, and artwork from one of the children sponsored through One Step In Faith
              · Exclusive e-newsletter
              · Original artwork once a year from one of the children in the program
              · Updates on One Step In Faith quarterly
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