Since our initial trip to Ghana, Troy and I have maintained and cultivated a relationship with Eddie Nsafoa, like so many others. Eddie is truly a man after God's heart. He carries an authority and gentleness very rare or seen in this world. His love for his country and his people make him an amazingly, beautiful soul. In the last decade, Eddie and his family have dedicated their lives to saving souls, planting churches, helping mission teams from the states, and more recently helping YOne Step IFaith with necessary details and care related to supported children. Eddie has become a part of our team, our family.

In preparing for our return this August, we contacted Eddie to ensure he was available to drive us, work with us, and help with necessary organization details while we were in country.   Humbled, embarrassed, and uniquely honest about their situation, his family was at a crossroads of his future in ministry. You may be aware; the Ghana Cedi has been plummeting in value, causing significant inflation issues. Yet, the citizens are not receiving increases in wages. And, local missionaries, like Eddie and his family, who live by faith, are significantly impacted. Eddie has not had any ministry sources of income for quite some time. Because of this, he has been faced with the reality of returning to the regular workforce as a driver to try and earn some wages. By doing this, he will no longer be able to commit to helping YOne Step InFaith, as he had in the past. He will no longer be able to help other mission teams when they return to Ghana, as he had in the past, and most importantly he will no longer be able to consistently continue God's work of ministry in rural unreached villages. Like so many in Ghana right now, Eddie and his family are in extreme financial need. Sharing these details is not meant to dishonor Eddie or his family, but to share a real need for someone we love so much and desperately need working with us in order to continue the work God is doing through YOne Step InFaith.

Coincidentally, YOne Step IFaith is in the process of establishing NGO (nonprofit) status in Ghana. We will be required to employ or appoint an Executive Director, and establishing this position with a National would be very beneficial. Although this is much earlier than YOne Step IFaith had anticipated, we are prepared to offer Eddie a full-time employment opportunity with us, if we are able to raise enough funds to cover his salary. This opportunity would provide financial stability for his family; his ability to continue his evangelism ministry within and outside of the YOne Step IFaith families. In addition, he will still have the flexibility to continue to work with mission teams, maintaining relationships with those he has built over the years, like many of you. By providing stable in country employment, it is also our hope this would allow us the opportunity to bring Eddie to the United States to fundraise in the future. We know many of you would love to have him come visit us all in the United States.

We have contacted Eddie to determine if this employment opportunity would interest him, if we were able to raise the necessary support to fund his salary. He humbly and enthusiastically screamed "YES!" Eddie has shared how close he has become to the children and their families, and would love the opportunity to be full-time, committed in the work God is doing through YOne Step IFaith.To have stable financial resources with an organization that appreciates the relationships he has previously cultivated through Michael Mozley, the Riverstone Network churches, and many others throughout the United States would be such a huge blessing to his family.

What are we asking of you?

YLOVE FILLS NEEDS…HELP US raise YLOVE funds to hire Eddie full-time!  Make a difference today!!!

If God is calling you to help in this opportunity to support Eddie and his family, we are asking you to make a tax-deductible one-time or monthly donation to help cover his salary expenses. We want to reach out to you with this opportunity to make a difference in his family’s life, while helping One Step In Faith in our ministry to restore hope to children and family of at-risk, trafficked and spirit children.

We still need:

$3,200 USD for 2014


$8,400 USD for 2015.

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Casie Mulreany-Haight

President, One Step In Faith

Isaac& Ama

(Eddie visits these two OSIF supported

children frequently at their boarding school.

He is like their surrogate father.)

February 2013 we returned for our annual visit, spending a few days in Bolgatanga, Ghana (northern part of Ghana) where we met Baby GN (initials for his protection). Baby GN had apparent physical limitations and subsequently been diagnosed by the local Soothsayer, witch doctor, as a “spirit child”. Every year an unknown number of children, most of which are disabled, are killed in Ghana (most specifically and commonly in northern Ghana). These children are referred to as “spirit children”, killed under the belief they are evil, no longer human beings and with the intention of hurting those around them. In a country where the average income is less than $500/year, with inflation rising, life is extremely difficult and often impossible. In Northern Ghana, farming is the typical means to support the family and not enough help to work the land jeopardizes the family’s ability to provide enough food. What we have come to learn of “spirit children”, in some cases the parents feel they have no alternative, no other place to go for help and support if they turn against their community leadership and customs. We were able to rescue Baby GN that day. Since then, Baby GN has had lifesaving brain surgery and is currently living with One Step In Faith caregivers who are working with local hospital doctors on his continued recovery & therapy. Currently, One Step In Faith has six children in Ghana, of which Baby GN is just one of three “spirit children”. Many more need help and in many cases the parents love and desire to save their child’s life, but need a safe place of refuge as they go against their community’s leadership and customs.